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NEW: Chiron = Venus/ Mars, by Faith McInerney

This article is part of a series of astrological observations about sex, based on the Venus/Mars midpoint, published here (see below).

CHIRON often points to pain – physical and/or emotional. Focusing on Chiron at this midpoint, and in keeping with his mythological characteristics, Faith sheds light on sexuality & emotional patterns that include: physical or psychological pathology, loneliness, insecurity about one’s appearance and sexual appeal, and healing gifts.     Continue reading…

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Uranian astrology primarily uses the hard-aspects family (360 , 180 , 90 , 45 , 22½ , 11¼ , 5 5/8).
Any one of these is considered a contact & interaction between two or more chart points. Interpretation value comes from the nature of the points that are involved – not from the aspect.
Shorthand notation for this can be:     A=B,   A=B=C,   A=B/C     [read: (1) point ‘A’ hard-aspects point ‘B’;
(2) ‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’ are connected through hard aspects; (3) ‘A’ hard-aspects the midpoint of ‘B’ & ‘C’ ]. Another common phrase may be:   “A is on B/C.”

Planets on the Venus/Mars midpoint can be descriptive of sexuality in general, but in the natal chart, they often symbolize a single life-changing sexual partner or event. The delineations here mostly describe objective attributes or circumstances of a personal connection and so they’re useful for predictive purposes when they appear in a solar return. In many instances, the manifestations are similar to planets on the Sun/Moon midpoint or planets in aspect to Venus.
MOON=VENUS/MARS symbolizes a woman (not the person in whose chart it appears) who is characterized by her sexual activity. Examples: when one’s mother has had affairs or a female friend is in the sex industry or ‘kept’. Like Venus aspects to Mercury, MERCURY=VENUS/MARS is a personal connection with a Mercury professional–education, publication or vehicular (Amy Fisher) but it can also be more specifically sexual i.e., someone who speaks/writes about sex (Marquis de Sade) and in very rare instances it is sexual activity with a sibling. JUPITER=VENUS/MARS symbolizes personal relationships involving travel or ‘out of towners’ (Steven Spielberg first consummated his relationship with Amy Irving in India) as does Venus aspecting Jupiter (both Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly). SATURN=VENUS/MARS is a psychological, physical or circumstantial sexual hindrance or sexual activity which results in a problem–sometimes just a single life changing event (Woody Allen and David Letterman). URANUS=VENUS/MARS describes relationships which are experimental, libertine and/or unplanned (like Venus/Uranus). Also common is a link between sex and technology (Anthony Weiner). NEPTUNE=VENUS/MARS is one of the pictures (along with NODE=VENUS/MARS) for a non-exclusive sexual relationship. PLUTO=VENUS/MARS is intense and obsessive; the private life may contrast the public image (Grace Kelly); very often it is sex with someone in finance, or who is experiencing important financial events. Famous palimony cases—Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin had the natal picture while Michelle Triolla Marvin, the plaintiff, had transiting Pluto conjunct natal Venus at the time of the case.
IN THE NEWS: Sex-Part 1 contained the observation “Whenever a celebrity makes the news for sexual activity…in all likelihood the horoscope contains either Saturn or South Node in Scorpio or a Venus/Mars aspect.” Recently Prince Harry (natal Saturn and True South Node in Scorpio) made headlines with nude photos which turned up on the internet. Harry also has natal Uranus=Venus/Mars, with transiting Saturn just minutes away from a semi-square to the natal picture when the episode occurred.
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More than any other sign, strong sexuality is associated with natal Scorpio placements — the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars or Ascendant — often correspond with a hearty sexual appetite. More prodigious sexual energy, dramatic or complicated sexual events are likelier to occur with natal Saturn in Scorpio and/or the South Node in Scorpio, by themselves, but especially when combined with other Scorpio placements.
Additionally, Venus and Mars—in any natal aspect (don’t forget declinations!)–or a prominent Venus/Mars midpoint (Venus/Mars=Aries or =Sun) are also indicative of a wide range of sexual extremes– promiscuity or overt sexual behavior as well as celibacy or impotence. World class Lotharios — Casanova, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and Errol Flynn (whose exploits generated the phrase “in like Flynn”) — all have/had Venus-Mars aspects.
Whenever a celebrity or politician makes the news for their sexual activity or when an ordinary individual achieves sexual notoriety, in all likelihood, their horoscopes contain either the Saturn or South Node in Scorpio or an emphasized Venus/Mar. In the news this very week is former Florida Governor Charlie Crist (Saturn in Scorpio) who has allegedly (as of this writing) paid two men to conceal gay affairs. And spiritual leaders who’ve succumbed to their sexual natures are no exception. Ramakrishna, Krishnamurti and Carlos Castenada were all born with Saturn in Scorpio.
When couples make the news for sexual activity, sometimes both will have either the Scorpio or Venus/Mars emphasis. When Silvio Berlesconi (Venus/Mars=Aries 1 degree orb and Venus//Mars less than 1 degree orb) was President of Italy, Mrs. Berlosconi (Veronica Lorca, ex-stripper with Saturn in Scorpio) placed a full page ultimatum in the news in response to his philandering. Ex-New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey (Sun=Venus/Mars) resigned over a gay scandal was married to Dina McGreevey (Scorpio South Node) until she divorced him afterwards. And Anita Hill’s (Saturn in Scorpio) testimony revealing sexual office banter became the focus of the hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (South Node in Scorpio).
Altho it is not so common as Venus/Mars, Venus with Vulcanus symbolizes powerful passion. The Duke of Windsor had the natal placement–and gave up a kingdom rather than sacrifice his passion for Wallis Simpson. Progressed Venus=Vulcanus is not so rare, but when Elivis met Priscilla Presley, Progressed Vulcanus=Venus, a very rare aspect for a powerfully passionate connection.
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TOPIC: The Other Side of the Coin: DEBTS and other Financial Dilemmas
As with wealth, Pluto appears in pictures describing various kinds of financial distress. The most common picture was Saturn/Pluto. Kenneth Lay, founder and CEO of Enron (both names were synonymous with financial scandal) was born with Saturn/Pluto=Aries (19′) and the identical picture reappeared in his 2001 solar return when the scandal broke. (Naturally he also had some of the same natal pictures found in the charts of financial titans–Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Uranus.)

Saturn/Pluto–even the trine–corresponds with a range of possibilities and varying degrees of financial delays and setbacks. For most of us, it may mean nothing more than a bank or credit card glitch. But MC Hammer declared bankruptcy with T. Saturn=Pluto and T. Pluto=Saturn (both 22 1/2 degrees); Nicolas Cage (natal Saturn=Pluto 31′ orb) experienced a federal tax lien against his property as a result of unpaid taxes when progressed Sun=Saturn/Pluto (6′ orb); Willie Nelson’s tax problems peaked when transiting Pluto squared natal Saturn and Frances Ford Coppola’s financial difficulties–lasting more than a decade and including 3 bankruptcies–began when T. Pluto was opposite his natal Sun/Saturn conjunction.

Pluto/Hades is another combination that can symbolize financial distress. Pluto/Hades pictures appeared in the solar returns for 2 of Coppola’s bankruptcies (1989 SR Pluto=Hades/7′ orb and Pluto=Hades=Aries/ 37′ orb; 1992 SR Sun=Pluto/Hades–22′ orb; date of his 3rd bankruptcy not available). Pluto/Hades also appeared in Donald Trump’s solar returns for bankruptcies in 1991 (Pluto=Hades/22′ orb) and 1992 (Sun=Pluto/Hades–24′ orb).

For the rest of us 99%ers, these outer planetary pictures rarely result in the same hot water those people dealing with higher stakes find themselves, but one picture that’s a headache for big and little guys is Pluto=Saturn/Uranus. Charles Ponzi–for whom the Ponzi scheme was named–had the natal picture, and the most notorious modern Ponzi schemer of all–Bernard Madoff has the natal picture as well–as does Jack Abramoff who, like Madoff, is in prison for financial misconduct. None of us will join those

TOPIC: DIETS: Winning at Losing
When natal Saturn is in Cancer or when Saturn is in the 4th house (or cadent in the 3rd but having the same sign as the 4th house cusp), there’s almost always food restriction with reasons ranging from diet-for-health to food imbalance (too much or too little), which often begins as, or becomes appearance-related. Some notable people born in the Saturn-in-Cancer generations are Linda Ronstadt, Sally Struthers, Dolly Parton, and the younger generation – Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore. These young celebrities have been gainers and losers with the exception of Jolie, who just becomes thinner. Jupiter transits are often accompanied by weight gain; Saturn transits and Pluto transits occasionally mark a period of weight loss. One of the most common planetary combinations for dieting is Ceres/Admetos.

Ceres is the asteroid most specifically associated with food, and Admetos is the TNP which symbolizes narrowing or reduction. It’s found in the natal horoscopes of many “serial dieters”, as well as people like Gandhi (Ceres square Admetos/3′ orb), whose lengthy fasts effected political change. Ceres/Admetos marks a dietary change when it appears by transit, progression, solar arc or in a solar return. Another picture for food restriction, diets and weight loss is Saturn/Ceres.

Dolly Parton (N.Saturn in Cancer) has won at losing and maintaining her weight loss after years of unsuccessful attempts. Her 1983 solar return contained a Ceres/Admetos aspect as well as a square of T.Pluto to N.Sun. Her 50 pound weight loss is cited in a July 1984 magazine article “Here She Comes Again…Dolly Gets Slimmed Down and Fired up”. Carrie Fisher had T.Admetos forming a tight semi-square to N.Ceres in 2011 when she first appeared in a Jenny Craig commercial and went on to lose 50 pounds. Beyonce lost 20 pounds to play Diana Ross in Dreamgirls; the weight loss was symbolized by Ceres opposite Admetos in her 2005 solar return.

Kirstie Alley and Rush Limbaugh (“I’ve lost 90 pounds three times in my life”) were born on the same day and year. Both have N.Aries=Ceres/Admetos (no TOB for Alley but neither Ceres nor Admetos travel quickly, so the orb is no greater than 15 minutes). Between 2009 and 2011, T.Admetos trined N.Ceres in both charts. Limbaugh lost 90 pounds in 2009 and Alley lost 100 pounds and launched a line of organic diet food between 2010 and 2011.

Oprah–possibly more than anyone ever–embodies pre-occupation with diet and weight loss. She’s got natal Ceres||Admetos (parallel, less than 1 degree orb). In 1988–when she famously wore her size 10 Calvin Klein jeans pulling a cart of fat equivalent to the 70 pounds she lost–her solar return Ceres was square to Admetos (1 degree 8 minute orb) and MC. In the previous year, P.Ceres contacted both natal and P.Admetos. Although the progressions were less successful attempts, they were part of the momentum of the major weight loss.

Carnie Wilson (N.MC=Ceres/Admetos) had T.Admetos=N.Ceres (135 degrees) in 1999, when she had gastric bypass surgery and lost (and alas went on to regain) 150 pounds. Wilson’s diet history also illustrates Saturn/Ceres: when P.Ceres stationed on her Saturn/Ceres midpoint she appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and shortly thereafter P.Saturn=P.Ceres–both on the Saturn/Ceres midpoint–when she lost another 50 pounds. A client lost 100 pounds in three months while T.Saturn stationed on natal Ceres.

Diet and weight loss are a very common issues – write in and tell us about your own success (or not) story !
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TOPIC: WEALTH – Formula for Success Part 3
Some of the Planetary Pictures which Represent Money –and Sometimes even Wealth– are Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Apollon. Jupiter/Uranus corresponds with a variety of serendipitous and usually fortunate material situations and Jupiter/Neptune often symbolizes a windfall, or wanton spending. This applies to natal charts, progressions, solar returns and transits. In addition to these planetary pictures, a good number of financial giants also have a prominent natal Pluto.

Richard Branson ($4 billion+) has Pluto conjunct Asc. In addition to Sun=Pluto (22 1/2 – 24′ orb), he also has MC=Jupiter/Apollon.
Michael Bloomberg (18 billion+) has Pluto in the first house and Aries=Sun/Pluto (22 1/2 – 10′ orb), as well as Node and Cupido=Jupiter/Apollon (22 1/2 – 20′ orb).
Rupert Murdoch ($7 billion+) has Sun trine Pluto with Sun & Cupido=Jupiter/Uranus.
Donald Trump (at this writing in 2011, is at the bottom of the list with less than $3 billion) has Pluto on the cadent side of the Ascendant (the “Gauquelin zone” found by statistician/astrologer Michele Gauquelin to be among the most powerful areas of the horoscope) and Ascendant=Jupiter/Uranus (22 1/2 – 6′ orb).
Bill Gates’ ($55 billion+) chart does not contain Pluto so obviously placed as the other billionaires, but he was born with Jupiter conjunct Pluto (33′ orb) and Aries=Jupiter/Uranus (22 1/2 – 2′ orb).
Many people fantasize about winning the lottery. Of the lottery winners examined, Winner #1 ($35 million) was the most ‘predictable’– born with MC=Jupiter/Neptune (22 1/2 – 22′ orb), as well as Jupiter=Neptune=MC (1 degree 5′ orb). When she won there was a full moon in Scorpio opposite Sun in Taurus, while transiting Pluto was square to natal Jupiter. In her solar return there was Jupiter=Pluto=Node=Apollon=Vulcanus=Kronos (22 1/2 – 1 degree orb). Pictures comprised of 6 planets can be tricky to interpret, but this picture contained both Jupiter/Pluto and Jupiter/Apollon with Vulcanus (which amplifies), more clearly signifying a strong financial component. When she bought the ticket a week earlier, transiting Jupiter made an exact contact (22 1/2) to her natal Sun/Apollon configuration –a repetition of Jupiter/Apollon symbolism.
Lottery winner # 2 was born with natal Sun=Jupiter/Uranus. By solar arc, Pluto was 10′ past the Sun and 6′ from Jupiter/Uranus. Interestingly, Sun/Apollon –the midpoint picture associated with success and fame in general –not specifically financial– appeared in both these lottery winners’ horoscopes. Winner #1 had natal Sun/Apollon (hit off by a full moon in Taurus/Scorpio) and Lottery winner 2 had P. Moon=Sun/Apollon (5′ orb) on the day of the drawing and Aries=Sun/Apollon (6′ orb) in his solar return for that year.
Lottery winners 3 and 4 –twins born 3 minutes apart– are of particular interest because their times of birth were carefully noted. Each had natal MC=Jupiter/Uranus (22′ orb and 43′ orb). They were also born with Jupiter=Pluto (22 1/2 – 1′ orb) although, like Bill Gates’ chart, the configuration made no contact to personal points. Their solar returns contained traditional astrological symbolism for money –Jupiter and Pluto in Scorpio in their 2nd house (although not in aspect to each other.) Mercury also played a symbolic role in the brothers’ financial gain: their solar returns had Mercury=Jupiter=Neptune (22 1/2 – 22′ orb), and on the date when the brothers won the lottery transiting Sun in Cancer was trine to (stationing) transiting Jupiter in Scorpio, with both points forming a trine to their natal Mercury.

Richard Branson 7/18/1950 7AM, Blackheath, UK 52N12 0W31
Michael Bloomberg 2/14/1942 3:40PM, Brighton, MA
Rupert Murdoch 3/11/1931 11:59PM, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Donald Trump 6/14/1946 10:54AM, Queens, NY
Bill Gates 10/28/1955 10PM, Seattle, WA
Lottery 1 DOB 4/24/1950 4:45 AM, Methuan, MA; won $35MM 10/26/1996. Bought winning ticket 10/19/1966.
Lottery 2 DOB 12/5/1954 12:19PM, Brighton, MA; won on 2/23/1993
Lottery 3 & 4 DOB 2/28/1954 4:05AM, Boston, MA (twin was born 4:09AM) won $25MM 6/25/1994.
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TOPIC: Musical Icons Part 2: Classical Music Greats
The composers selected are Brahms, Debussy, Puccini, Ravel, Satie, Schubert, Schumann and Stravinsky – chosen because the accuracy of their birth times is rated AA by Astrodatabank. Giants such as Mozart and Beethoven were excluded because the accuracy of their horoscopes is rated B or lower.
Venus/Apollon –a midpoint picture common in the charts of musicians– appeared by major aspect in 4 of the 8 or 50% of the charts: Puccini had MC=Venus/Apollon (34′ orb) and Schumann had Aries=Venus/Apollon (42′ orb). Sun=Venus/Apollon appeared in the charts of Schubert (46′ orb) and Ravel (26′ orb) who also had Venus/Apollon (3′ orb). 3 of the 8 had Venus/Apollon by minor aspect* bringing the total to 87%.
Mars/Cupido and Jupiter/Cupido –symbolizing art in general–each appeared in 3 of the 8 charts by major aspect. Schubert had Jupiter=Cupido (47′), Schumann had MC=Jupiter/Cupido (1 degree 11′ orb) and Satie had Aries=Jupiter/Cupido. (2 of the 8 had minor aspects*.) Debussy had Sun=Mars/Cupido (27′ orb), Stravinsky had Aries=Mars/Cupido (51′ orb) and Ravel had Mars//Cupido (38′).
Apollon/Vulcanus –the midpoint picture symbolizing success in general—also figured prominently in more than half the charts. Schumann had Apollon/Vulcanus=Aries (7’ orb); Satie had Apollon/Vulcanus=Asc/Jupiter/Node (30’ orb) and Stravinsky had Apollon/Vulcanus=Sun/MC/Asc. (48’ orb). Debussy had Venus=Apollon/Vulcanus (15′ orb). Jupiter/Uranus –symbolizing luck in general– was in 3 of the 8 charts; it was on the Aries point in the horoscopes of Puccini (2′ orb) and Schumann (51′ orb) and Debussy had MC=Jupiter/Uranus (22′ orb).
*Except where noted, all pictures appeared by major aspect—22 ½ degrees or greater. Yet, the so-called ‘minor aspects’ deserve a mention. Indicated by the small dots on the 90 degree dial, they are 11 ¼ degree and 5 5/8 degree aspects. Unlike the 22 ½ degree semi-octile, they have no names. But when planets or midpoint pictures are connected by these aspects in natal charts or solar returns, they are–in this astrologer’s experience–as dynamic as major aspects. Keep in mind: by using these ‘small dots’, the incidence of Venus/Apollon—the midpoint picture which specifically symbolizes music—increased from 50% to 87% in the sample of great composers. Next time you look at a chart, try checking out these aspects, using orbs of 15’ or smaller. Using the ‘Solar Fire Midpoint Listing’ report with a modulus of 5.625 (5 5/8) makes it simple. When you know which midpoints you’re looking for—for example: the Sun/Moon or Venus/Mars midpoints for information on relationships—the opportunities to get planetary information about relationships will increase by 1200%.
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TOPIC: Lady Gaga and Other Pop Music Phenomena
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga (DOB 3/28/1986 10:55PM Yonkers, NY; Source: Astrotheme) is, at this moment, the world’s most celebrated musician–in the stratosphere of Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles (particularly Lennon and McCartney), Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby–which configurations does she share with these popular music icons?
Venus/Apollon symbolizes music. Gaga’s chart has Asc=Venus/Apollon (22′ orb). Six of the eight musical stars in the sample had a personal point—Sun, MC, Asc, or the Aries point—on the Venus/Apollon midpoint. Another kind of musical phenomenon–Susan Boyle–has Sun=Venus/Apollon (9′ orb).
Cupido/Kronos often appears among the charts of leading artists. Gaga does not have this midpoint picture, but four of the eight superstars had Cupido=Kronos or a personal point on the midpoint. Cupido/Hades appears in the charts of artists who appeal to a mass audience and five of the eight in the sample had Cupido=Hades or a personal point on the midpoint. Gaga has Juno=Cupido/Hades (17’ orb) as well as Juno in her first house, emphasizing her fashion statement. Mars/Cupido is a common planetary pictures for art in general, and indeed Gaga has Mars=Cupido=Aries (43’ orb at the widest point). Michael Jackson had Jupiter=Mars/Cupido, but it’s not as emphasized a placement as Gaga’s. Interestingly, as often as this picture appears in the natal charts of artists, and when an art events occur, hers was the only chart among the eight in the sample with the configuration so strongly placed.
As far as the general fame-success indicators, she was born with MC=Apollon=Vulcanus (1 degree 7’ orb). Five of the eight also had a personal point with Apollon/Vulcanus.
Gaga also has Asc=Hades/Admetos – a combination for which one of RPP (Witte) delineations is “to be connected with people who are in need”. In this astrologer’s opinion it’s very literally the pet name she’s given her fans: ‘little monsters’. She’s got Sagittarius rising, Saturn and Uranus in the first house, the Sun in Aries and Mars on the Aries point—that’s the discipline and muscle to make her way in any industry and the guts to assert her uniqueness that she was “Born this Way”, imparting to others who might feel like outcasts, the courage to be themselves. She’s yet to have her Saturn return, which will contact her Ascendant and Saturn in Sagittarius, but she’s already expressed strong opinions on the damage done by organized religion, and likens her performances to “pop cultural church”.
The timing of her debut on the world stage could not have been better. Born with Apollon=Jupiter/Cupido (19’ orb), the potential for a wide reach artistically. When the progressed picture was 1’ from exact, it marked the timing of her first world tour, and during her second tour, seen by 2.5 million people and grossing $227MM—more than any debut headline artist ever—the progressed picture of Apollon=Jupiter/Cupido was exact.
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TOPIC: The Sun/Moon Midpoint – A Source of Information About Meeting and Mating
Sun/Moon midpoint is one of the go-to places in the horoscope when you are looking for relationship information. If there is a traditional planet, asteroid or Uranian point on the natal midpoint, it describes the profession or an outstanding characteristic of a significant-other. Even when there is nothing on the natal midpoint, you can get a glimpse of what the future holds for existing and brand new relationships by looking at activity on the midpoint by planetary stations, progressions and in the solar return. Here are a few examples:

Cupido on the Sun/Moon midpoint often points to a partner associated with art or entertainment and appeared in the natal chart of Desi Arnaz, the husband and business partner of entertainment industry titan Lucille Ball, as well as in Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2008 solar return when he married recording artist Carla Bruni. Ceres, the asteroid associated with nourishment is on Paul McCartney’s Sun/Moon describing his first wife, Linda, a vegetarian who manufactured vegetarian meals. When a journalist introduced Jackie to JFK her progressed Mercury=Sun/Moon. Barrack Obama’s 1989 solar return contained Pallas=Sun/Moon (working with the partner or meeting on the job) when he went to work at a law firm where Michelle was assigned to show him the ropes. “She explained billable hours to me and the rest is history”.

When Vulcanus -symbolizing force- is on the Sun/Moon midpoint, something powerful is indicated. Alanis Morissette, self-proclaimed ‘infatuation junkie’ has the natal picture. It was in Bill Clinton’s 1970 solar return when he met Hillary. “When he came within two feet of her, a force larger than himself stopped him from tapping her on the shoulder. ‘It was almost a physical reaction. Somehow I know this wasn’t just another tap on the shoulder, that I might be starting something I couldn’t stop’” Vulcanus=Sun/Moon was in Donald Trump’s solar return when he met his current wife Melania, and by progression when he married Marla Maples. It was a power marriage: “More than a thousand guests attended causing limo-lock in the streets. In their wake trailed 17 television-camera crews, 90 paparazzi and a small army of bodyguards. The new Mrs. Trump‘s white satin dress was topped off with a $2 million tiara”.

From a reader (name withheld): “My exact Sun/Moon midpoint is Saturn. Married 3 times to two very much older men and the 3rd who was two years older had Sat. on my Sun by degree.” Comments , [Top]

TOPIC: Neptune -sq- Admetos – Uppers & Downers in the Drug World
The recent proliferation of planets in Pisces or in aspect to Neptune, including Neptune -sq- Admetos between 2008 and the last half of 2010, distinguishes this period by the frequency, size and singularity of events involving health in general (Pisces & Neptune) and drugs, which are more specifically symbolized by Neptune/Admetos. Between 2009-2010, six of the ten major drug companies recalled harmful drugs, settled lawsuits or paid the largest fines in history, in part the result of an FDA crackdown on “off-label marketing”– persuading physicians to prescribe drugs for purposes other than for their approved uses–such as marketing anti-psychotics for children with behavioral problems and nursing home patients with dementia. The increase in prescription drug use since 2008 spurred the DEA effort “Take Back Your Drugs Day” on September 25, 2010 (the orb of the square was 14’) when a ton of pills was collected in the small state of West Virginia alone.

There was also very good news when the Neptune/Admetos square was within 6’ of orb:    AIDS drugs became more available to afflicted 3rd world children and success with a drug protecting healthy individuals from contracting HIV was reported. With the square still within 7’ of orb, lifesaving results of a drug to treat melanoma, but still in clinical trial, set the stage for “an unprecedented situation….requiring regulatory flexibility”.

Neptune/Admetos also symbolizes recreational drugs & alcohol. Because the square was tight at several points between September and November of 2010, it appeared in many individuals’ solar returns–including that of the actor Charlie Sheen, whose natal MC is at the midpoint of Neptune/Admetos. The combination also appears in the chart of Bill W. the founder of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), along with Mars, Saturn, Cupido and Zeus, and in the chart of Francis Ford Coppola – the film maker of The Godfather who is also a vineyard owner & winemaker. Comments , [Top]

TOPIC: Apollon / Vulcanus – Formula for Success Part 1
Apollon/Vulcanus is one of the midpoint pictures that describes great success. According to The Rules for Planetary Pictures, Apollon/Vulcanus symbolizes “Strongest success, great prosperity, wealth, mighty expansion”. President Obama has natal Sun=Apollon/Vulcanus (40’ orb) and some of the most famous entertainers of the 20th century have prominent Apollon/Vulcanus pictures: Madonna’s chart has the Midheaven at the midpoint; Mick Jagger has the Sun=Apollon/Vulcanus; both Charlie Chaplin and Rock Hudson had Aries=Apollon/Vulcanus and Jupiter was at the midpoint of Apollon/Vulcanus in the charts of Lucille Ball, Rudolph Valentino and Bing Crosby.

Apollon/Vulcanus pictures can be found in the charts of people associated with celebrities, such as Oprah’s make-up artist (Reggie Wells) who has Moon=Apollon/Vulcanus. The picture is also seen in the horoscopes of some children of celebrities: Elijah Allman (Cher’s son) has Cupido=Apollon/Vulcanus and Rowan Farrow, the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow– was born in the generation with Apollon square Vulcanus, with the Ascendant at the midpoint.

Apollon and Vulcanus have been squaring each other since the early 1980’s and it may be that the explosion and expansion of social networking sites synchronized perfectly with the current zeitgeist of our need to be known. Comments , [Top]

TOPIC: Sun / Apollon – Formula for Success Part 2
Sun/Apollon is one of the Uranian combinations for professional success. It’s prominent in the chart of leaders in their fields, such as Hans Christian Anderson (Sun/Apollon=Aries – 1′ orb), acclaimed writer of children’s literature and Dr. Spock (Sun/Apollon=Aries 1′ orb) arguably the world’s most famous pediatrician as well as leading artist Salvadore Dali (Sun=Apollon 15′ orb).

When there’s a planet at the midpoint, it often symbolizes one’s field. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung had Neptune–the planet most commonly associated with medicine–at the midpoint (Neptune=Sun/Apollon exact orb) as did physician Dr. Patch Adams (Neptune=Sun/Apollon) who was portrayed by Robin Williams in the film of his life.

A professional event will often occur when progressed Sun comes to aspect Apollon. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb had natal Uranus=Sun/Apollon (41′). Although Uranus is commonly associated with electricity and technology, for which Edison will be remembered, his inventions extended to other industries, and when progressed Sun came to natal Apollon he began a cement company, an industry in which he made innovations and held patents as well.

Progressed Sun to Apollon will also mark the time when you meet someone prominent in his/her field. Carla Bruni has Sun=Apollon (8′ orb) in her natal chart, and is successful in her own right, but when progressed Sun came to Apollon exactly–she met the President of France and shortly thereafter became First Lady.
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