Make Your Own Dial

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§ Uranian Astrology Classes

Meira Epstein, C.A., NCGR-PAA: Private Classes - Zoom Online
Practice & theory of the Uranian system: The fundaments of the system. The Harmonics principle behind the 90 degree dial and how to apply it in natal & forecast work. Working with Midpoints. The Minor Aspects. Demystifying Planetary Pictures: A+B-C, A+B-C=D. Using the dial for Solar Arc & Solar Return work, and more. Become proficient with the dial for NCGR Level-III exam. Meira also teaches all the classical branches of astrology, and prepares students for all four levels of NCGR certification exams.

§ Books & Other Publications

  Rules For Planetary Pictures – Witte-Lefeldt
  Uranian Transneptune Ephemeris, 1850-2050 – Neil F. Michelsen, ASC Publicatios
  The Language of Uranian Astrology – Roger A. Jacobson
  Uranian Astrology Manual – Penelope Bertucelli
  Dial Detective – Maria Kay Simms
  Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School – Ruth Brummund & Udo Rudolph
  Combinations of Stellar Influences – Reinhold Ebertin
  Patterns of Professions – Emma Belle Donath

§ Tutorials & Lectures

Using the Computer for Uranian Techniques & 90° Dial Work – Tutorial – Meira Epstein

A Comprehensive, Fully Narrated Audio-Visual Tutorial on CD, that will enable you to benefit from the techniques of Uranian Astrology, using the astrological software available to you on your computer.
This tutorial was developed by Meira Epstein based on many years of experience of teaching Uranian Astrology: Become familiar with important concepts, such as Midpoints, Harmonics Theory, Minor Aspects, and the 90° Dial as a tool and a concept. Learn How to determine the optimal orb for various aspects; how to use the Modulus option in your choice of computer reports, and what you can do with Graphic Ephemeris.
Using case studies – both Natal & Forecast, learn how to effectively read the various computer reports that are based on these principles. Get it from:

Uranian Symmetry & the Hellenistic Lots – a Common Ground – Tutorial – Meira Epstein

A Comprehensive, Fully Narrated Audio-Visual Tutorial on CD: Planetary Pictures (A+B-C=D and A+B-C) are an important component of the Uranian System. They form sensitive points defined by a Mathematical and Geometrical Principle of Symmetry and Reflection. The Hellenistic Lots, also known as the Arabic Parts, are familiar by their descriptive and even colorful names, like Fortune, Spirit, Eros, Necessity, etc.
At first glance these two techniques appear to be worlds apart, as one is rooted in antiquity while the other is the product of the 20th century scientific thought. Yet, the fact of the matter is that they both share a fundamental principle and a common classical ground, based on Symmetry & Reflection, and in both systems it is part of the rock-bottom foundation of their respective astrological doctrine.
This tutorial explores the fundamentals of these techniques, how they are constructed, what they have in common and what sets them apart in definition and in chart interpretation. Get it from:

§ Software