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Liane Thomas WadeWelcomeIUF-LTW
Nona Gwynn PressA First-Hand History of the Uranian SocietyIUF-NP
Michael FeistHamburg School- the Early Years & the Disc as a Uranian ComputerIUF-MF
Lietta CatoniPersonality Disorders and Sexual CrimesIUF-LC
Maria Kay SimmsAre You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?IUF-MS
David BeazleyUranian Techniques and the Stock MarketIUF-DB
Faith McInerneySmall is Beautiful – the 64th HarmonicIUF-FM
Winai Ouypornprasert The Meridian HousesIUF-WO
Bill MridianThe TNP’s as a Life ProcessIUF-BM
Francine RasenbergThe Black Moon & the Lunar NodesIUF-FR
Meira B. EpsteinThe “I” and the “Other” in the Uranian SystemIUF-ME
Gary ChristenSolar ArcsIUF-GC
Panel DiscussionThe World after 2010IUF-PD