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From the Uranian Society –  to all our Friends and Members:
wishing you a happy upcoming Holiday Season of 2022.

In the past year we held a series of webinars where old ideas were revisited and new ones explored. Next year we will work to continue this trend and keep the practice of the Uranian system going strong. See upcoming webinars below.
In our new Fall e-Journal we bring you articles that cover history of the Hamburg School, technique innovation, politics, and Chiron with TNP’s. We hope that these contributions will intrigue you and inspire new ideas.

Michael Feist writes the definitive biography of Alfred Witte:
Alfred Witte – Founder of Modern Astrology 

Steve Pincus tells us about the work of Friedrich Sieggrün – how he became involved with the Kepler Circle, and his contributions to Witte’s system:  “Introduction to Friedrich Sieggrün and Foreword to his 20th Century Article”  

Faith McInerney continues her ground-breaking work by Combining Chiron with the TNP’s. With her keen observations, she shows how the original keywords can be expanded to more insights that are not always obvious.

Madalyn Hillis-Dineen explores the Planetary Picture that picks a winner in the USA Presidential race to the top:  “I Am the President”   

Scott Silverman is bringing the classical principle of Planetary Dignity-Debility to the Uranian system, to see if these classical attributes can be used in modifying the effect of the planet:  “Planetary Pictures in Theory: An Exploration”   


Date: February 2, 2023
Admetos: Pandora’s Box (medical astrlogy), by Eileen Nauman
Traumas that are tucked away in our subconscious (Pandora’s Box), can hurt us, help us, cripple us, or set us free …… Admetos gives us the connection and support to work through it, dissolve it so we can be free to be who we really are)

Date: TBD
Alternating Currents, by John Townley:
Traumas that are tucked aw

John Townley: Alternating Currents
Synastry and Composite Charts