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Bill MeridianThe Uranian Planets in Historical & Economic CyclesArc-BM
Bill MarshallThe Reluctant Astrologer – on Transiting MidpointsArc-BMS
Claudia BaderSome People Just Know How to FlyArc-CB
Diana RosenbergAn Afternoon with the Fixed StarsArc-DR
Diane Cramer & Liane Thomas WadeHealth & Politics in the White HouseArc-DL
Faith McInerneyGet a JobArc-FM1
Faith McInerneyArts in ChartsArc-FM2
Gary ChristenThe 12 Commandments of Alfred WitteArc-GC
John FrawleyLilly’s Astrology: Reception & Dignity – the Key to JudgmentArc-JF
Judi VitaleUranian Astrology: A Down to Earth ApproachArc-JV
Kathleen HannaMurder & Mayhem Between the SheetsArc-KH1
Kathleen HannaUranian Look at the Elections-2000Arc-KH2
Ken NegusRectification - Ways Through the LabyrinthArc-KN
Liane Thomas WadeClinton, the Congress and CupidoArc-LTW
Meira B. EpsteinAbraham Ibn Ezra – Jewish Astrologer Scholar and PoetArc-ME1
Meira B. EpsteinKings, Prophets & Visionaries - Exploring Historical ChartsArc-ME2
Meira B. EpsteinValentine’s Day Special – Uranian and Traditional Arc-ME3
Nona Gwynn Press & Gloria SchwartzMythology & the Uranian PlanetsArc-NP1
Nona Gwynn PressPrincess Diana – Asteroids & Uranian PlanetsArc-NP2
Nona Gwynn PressInterviewed by Liane Thomas Wade upon end of PresidencyArc-NP3
Olivia BarclayAncient Horary AstrologyArc-OB
Richard NelsonThe British Monarchy – Personal & Dynastic PowerArc-RN1
Richard NelsonChart Advancement TechniquesArc-RN2
Joanna Shannon-Julian Armistead-Nona Press-Diana Cramer Symposium on the New Administration (1998)
Susan TownFractional Harmonics ProgressionArc-ST
Uranian Society 25th Anniversary CelebrationWade, Rasenberg, Catoni, McInerney, ChristenArc-US1
Uranian Society PanelPluto in Capricorn - Historic View (Wade, Cramer, Press)Arc-US2
Wayne BooherThe Soft Angles – What they Mean to Uranian AstrologyArc-WB