The Board

Liane Thomas Wade, Susan Graham Town, Diane L. Cramer,  Meira B. Epstein , Chiemi Matsumoto, Nona Gwynn Press 

Liane Thomas Wade
Liane is the President of the Uranian Society NCGR SIG (since 2004) and also the Executive Secretary of NCGR. She lectured at UAC in Denver in 2008 where she was the Track Coordinator for the Uranian Track. She spoke in Bologna, Italy at the 1st International Uranian Conference, the 4th I-U-F in Hamburg, Germany and the 5th I-U-F in New York City. She also lectured at the Irish Astrological Association, the Boston NCGR Chapter, the Northern Illinois NCGR Chapter, and she will give two talks on the Uranian System at the AAGB in September 2011 in the UK. Liane has been a student of astrology for over 20 years. In her early years, Liane worked at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. She became involved in city and state politics while living in New Haven, CT. To this day, national & international politics and history have remained Liane’s passion, which she combines with her astrological investigation and lectures. Before retirement she was Executive Director of the ABAA – Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America, a national organization based in New York City. She is a native New Yorker, and lives on Roosevelt Island, part of New York City.

Susan Graham Town
Susan began ten years of study in 1972 with New York Astrologer, Al H. Morrison. Soon after she was also attending classes with Charles Jayne, Lenore Cantor, Michael Lutin and Uranian astrologers Charles Emerson and Gary Christen. Al H. had introduced his students to the legendary John Addey’s harmonic astrology. On July 2, 1982, it occurred to Susan to adapt the harmonic calculation method to cast a harmonic progression to a fraction of a year, hoping to understand the convergence of three life-changing events on that day. It was a eureka moment, followed by many, as she found that these hybrid harmonic charts consistently delivered the spot-on timing and detail not often present in standard progressions and directions. Her initial findings were presented at a New York NCGR Conference on November 9, 1985. Since then she has developed many more applications for what she now calls Time Harmonic Astrology and has most recently presented her current research to the Uranian Society, the Astrological Society of Princeton and the Berkshire/Fairfield NCGR Chapter. A former freelance film script supervisor, Susan has been an astrological consultant, teacher, and lecturer, and served on the Board of the New York Chapter of the NCGR and the Uranian Society.

Diane L. Cramer
Diane L. Cramer, MS is a consulting astrologer, lecturer and teacher in all aspects of astrology in New York City. She specializes in writing and instructing on medical astrology and nutrition. She is the author of How to Give an Astrological Health Reading (AFA), Dictionary of Medical Astrology (AFA), Managing Your Health and Wellness (Llewellyn) and Medical Astrology: Let The Stars Guide You To Good Health (Jove Press). Diane has masters and post-masters degrees in Education from Hunter College in New York City and a BA in English, Speech and Journalism from the University of Florida. She is certified Level IV by the NCGR. Diane is a member of the education faculty of the NCGR in New York City and a board member of the Uranian Society. She has published articles on medical astrology in both the NCGR Journal and the AFA Bulletin as well as the Uranian Journal of the Uranian SIG. She has also been featured in Dell Horoscope.

Meira B. Epstein, C.A. NCGR-PAA
Meira is a professional certified astrologer, a teacher on the New York NCGR faculty, a speaker at national & international conferences and a member of the NCGR Professional Empowering Program. She spoke at UAC, Forum-on-Astrology online conference and IAA-International Academy of Astrology online conference. Meira began her astrological studies in 1978 in Israel and continued in New York City since 1981. She has translated, from Hebrew, of the astrological books of Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra (12th c.), The Beginning of Wisdom, The Books of Reasons, The Book of Nativities and Revolutions, and a wrote many articles published in the US, UK & Europe. She teaches for the NCGR Online Education Program, specializing in preparing students for all four Levels of NCGR-PAA Certification Exams: astronomy-for-astrologers, chart calculations, forecast techniques, Hellenistic & Medieval astrological techniques, mundane astrology, counseling clients, and, of course, the complete Uranian system. Meira was the Membership Secretary of the Uranian Society for fifteen years, and currently serves on the board as the Editor, Webmaster, Media & Communication Secretary. Meira is a co-founder of IUF and a speaker in all its conferences, from Bologna to New York and Bangkok. Parallel to astrology, she also had a long career as a computer programmer-analyst for a major Wall Street bank, and another one prior to that, teaching English as a Second language. Meira also designed and built this website.

Chiemi Matsumoto
Chiemi became an Associate for NCGR-NY and joined The Uranian Society in 2001, when transiting Saturn entered into her 7th House. She joined the Board of The Uranian Society in August of 2009, when transiting Saturn went over her MC and Uranus was conjunct her Mercury, the ruler of her MC. Chiemi has been a professional astrologer since 2001, and is certified through Level II by NCGR-PAA. Chiemi runs and manages operations on digital advertising for a major global media agency based in NYC. She is also a certified Level III Precious Metal Clay artisan and enjoys gardening, traveling, photography, movies, jewelry-making and glass work when she’s not working.

Nona Gwynn Press, C.A. NCGR
Nona Gwynn Press, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, holds a B.A. in Art History from Columbia University. Her study of art history has given her added insight into the myths of the gods and goddesses for which the planets and many asteroids are named. A textile designer and stylist before becoming an astrologer and writer, Nona sees the astrological chart as a tapestry in which many threads are interwoven. She was on the NCGR New York City Chapter board as treasurer and research chair, the Uranian Society SIG board as executive, and recording, secretary, research chair, co-vice president, and president (1993-2004), and the Asteroid SIG as co-coordinator with Dr. Jacob Schwartz (1996-2008). She is currently a member-at-large on the Uranian Society board and president and editor of the Asteroid SIG. As research chair of the NYC Chapter, Nona was involved in the research project on suicide, which she wrote about in the Journal of Geocosmic Research, Vol. 2, No. 2. She also headed the subcommittee on personal name asteroids and, with the four other committee members published Ephemeris of Diana and Asteroid Names & Nodes, based on their research. Nona was one of Geoffrey Dean’s collaborators on Recent Advances in Natal Astrology and is the author of the booklet Personal Name Asteroids and New Insights into Astrology, her book on number symbolism, harmonics, asteroids, lunations, Solar and other Returns and Uranian planets. She has lectured for many astrological associations: NCGR, AFA, ISAR, Uranian Society, NY Astrology Center, NY Open Center, as well as the 1st, 4th and 5th International Conferences of Uranian Astrology.